Product Development

Product Development Service

We will help you to transform your idea into a successful product. Our services include:

🚀 Concept development. We can start drafting early concepts based on your idea and solve the problems related to the design. We can verify design feasibility and help you to add value to your invention.

🚀 CAD engineering. We will transform your concept idea into a 3D CAD model and keep the cost-effective design. We will further develop and refine the functionality of your product and make accurate physical prototypes so you can test and evaluate the design.

🚀 Prototyping. We use 3D printing and thermoforming throughout our development process to iterate and refine your product from idea to final design outcome. Our in-house prototyping services allow us to quickly and cost-effectively create and test design ideas. We start with a proof of concept prototypes to verify the feasibility of the design and verify that it will work correctly. After the design is refined, we are ready to create presentation prototypes which are a better representation of the final materials and appearance of your product. If your product requires electronic development, we can develop hardware and firmware for it.

🚀 Branding and packaging. We can design coherent brand identities, including logo development, brand assets and brand book to help you communicate a consistent message to your audience. We can design packaging as a part of our service and we offer 360° spin product photography for your product.

Our portfolio

We created two products for specially designed for Audiophile community. Our team was responsible for the following processes: design, prototyping, marketing, 3D printing, preparing manuals, social media management, product photography, landing page development and packaging design.

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.
Brian Reed
There is no better designer than nature.
Alexander McQueen

Pricing for product design services

Please contact us with your initial requirements – you will likely hear back from us within 24 hours. We ship all over the world.