Try Standing, Not Hanging


We are proud to introduce our unibody headphone stand. The first affordable high-quality stand created in the same process as luxury vehicle parts. The one which allows your headphone standing, not hanging.


Produced using the most advanced computer design and manufacturing technology, our stand feature two pieces - enclosure and peanut-shaped foam, both assembled into a single part. And both made from modern industrial materials - durable, resistant to ageing and premium finished. The standing position minimizes the distortion of the headband - self-adjusting bands compatible. To satisfy your curiosity, the technical term for our foam shape is as follows: two conical frustums inscribed in lemniscate. But we prefer to keep this simple, as simple as the design of our stand.


🚀 Industrial-grade materials. Choose between aerospace aluminium or automotive CFRP.

🌱 Every stand comes with durable vegan leather foam to keep your headphones in mint condition.

🧽 All surfaces are non-porous and crevice-free, preventing dirt accumulation. Easy-to-clean foam can be rinsed under running water.

🐈 Steady and sturdy mount with nano-suction feet. Our stand won't skid around on your desk. Residue-free removal and reusable. Cat-proof too.