December 07, 2020 ᛫ 3 min read

What is the difference between headsets, headphones, and earphones

Headphones, headsets, earphones. All do the same thing but vary in form. If you get confused with these three terms, below you will find a quick overview of these devices, and guide to help you decide which headphone stand you are looking for.

They all look the same. So how to distinguish between them?

The headset

A headset is a set of headphones equipped with a microphone. This is the main thing that differs headsets from headphones. There are two types of the microphones: in-line or a boom-type. The first type, an in-line microphone, is attached to a cable between headset and PC, usually between your chin and chest. The second one, the boom-type, is movable in any desired direction next to the mouth. Unfortunately, the boom-type microphone will affect the choice of headset stand. It is not uncommon that the boom position needs to be adjusted differently for our head and the stand. Still, if the boom prevents access to the stand, it can be removed. Some headsets have the detachable mic, allowing to store it elsewhere when not in use. Although it makes the storage easier, continuously plugged and unplugged connector is exposed to wear and fatigue. Over time, the deformation or breakage of the connector will occur. Then, the headset will require repair or replacement of the microphone.

Headset and boom-type microphone.

The best solution is to choose the headset stand, such as TrueStand. By using a standing position, there is no longer a need to readjust or detach boom mic.

The headphones

Headphones are usually wider as compared to headsets and do not have an attached microphone. Open-back headphones used by music mixing artists and DJs are relatively big. Those products need to easily cover almost any ear size, without developing any pressure and physical fatigue. In contrast, closed-back headphones, are ideal for travelling due to their portability.


In both cases, there are a lot of headphone stands on the market – but only TrueStand offers a standing position instead of hanging. It is compatible with most of the headphones available on the market. Additionally, the indentation in the TrueStand, allows the non-detachable cable to fall into place at the bottom.

The earphones

Earphones are effectively an in-ear speaker and catch-all term for speakers which fit directly into the ear canal. Some earphones rest over or inside the ear, but they don’t have the headband and big ear cups. Here, it is common to use cable reels instead of the stands, because of the size and shape of the latter. Some designs, such as TrueStand, allows to be effectively utilized as an earphone tray – one or two hollows in the foam can fit for the purpose.


In the end, it comes down to the intended use and personal preference. Whichever you choose, unibody headphone stand will perfectly complement your selection.