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We are proud to introduce our unibody headphone stand. The first affordable high-quality stand created in the same process as luxury vehicle parts. The one which allows your headphone standing, not hanging.

🚀 Industrial-grade materials. Choose between aerospace aluminium or automotive CFRP.

🌱 Every stand comes with durable vegan leather foam to keep your headphones in mint condition.

🧽 All surfaces are non-porous and crevice-free, preventing dirt accumulation. Easy-to-clean foam can be rinsed under running water.

🐈 Steady and sturdy mount with nano-suction feet. Our stand won't skid around on your desk. Residue-free removal and reusable. Cat-proof too.

Your desk. Our stand.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, home working has soared. We tend to use headphones more than before. Our headphone stand can contribute to the improved ergonomics of your home office desk.

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.
Brian Reed
Our road to success: precise measurements, prototyping, materials selection, assembly and manufacturing.
There is no better designer than nature.
Alexander McQueen
That is why we enhanced the natural peanut shape and implemented it into our product.
There are currently other headphone stands out in the market, but only ours is the world's first peanut-shaped stand made with premium materials.
Neederland Team


Patent pending foam provides excellent support for every headphone. Our foam insert is so smooth and soft that your precious headphones will be kept in scratch-free condition. The standing position minimizes the distortion of the headband. Compatible with self-adjusting headbands. Indentation in the foam allows non-detachable cable nicely fall into place at the bottom.

TrueStand Aluminium


🎧 For any type of headphone (wireless or wired). Perfect match with the design of modern laptops and desks.

  • Headphone stand enclosure made from 👇
  • Solid aluminium block carved by CNC machine
  • Black foam
  • Available to buy!