Custom LEGO kits

Custom LEGO kits for businesses

A custom LEGO set as a corporate gift can be a great way to get people truly engaged with your brand. It is a playful way to leave a lasting impression on your top clients and it is a fresh idea for a fundraiser or trade show (think about custom minifigures). Another great opportunity is to reward your employees with a custom MOC or to celebrate a successful milestone in your workplace or life (product launches, weddings, births, birthdays).

🚀 Ease of building. We will handle everything from the original instructions, parts, packaging and shipping. We can also work with your graphic designers if you have them.

🚀 100% Original LEGO. We only use parts sources from unopened LEGO sets and bought from authorized dealers/LEGO itself.

🚀 Customizable. We can print custom stickers, personalise minifigures made from LEGO parts, and print on bricks. For one-of-a-kind projects, we can modify any LEGO piece using painting and sculpting or we can create whole new pieces. Instructions and boxes are also tailor-made.

🚀 Scalability. We can design custom kits as small as 50 bricks or as large as 5000 bricks. There is no minimum order quantity, but the customization options greatly depend on the scale of the project. The more units you order, the more economical your order will be.

Our portfolio

We created Dyson themed and wedding favour LEGO custom kit:

LEGO wedding favours made our wedding party special.
– Bea

Pricing for custom LEGO® based minifigures and sets

Please contact us with your idea, quantity, budget and deadline – you will likely hear back from us within 24 hours. We ship all over the world.