January 30, 2023 ᛫ 4 min read

Switch Audio seamlessly with the Audio Switch headphone stand created for gamers, audiophiles and content creators

How to switch audio source seamlessly with the Audio Switch headphone stand.

Audio sources.

Switching audio

Switching audio source isn’t easy and reliable. Although Windows, Linux and macOS either offer built-in or 3rd party software solutions, neither of them provides a hardware-based audio source switch. Changing the audio source through OS settings or relying on an advanced heuristic to change the audio source may distract you from your goals – achieving the best audio experience, helping teammates or building an audience. OS switching may require you to press the buttons, set up hotkeys, minimize your window, exit your streaming software or even close the video game.

Standard audio set-up. Source: unsplash.com

Automate your tasks

This gets more annoying when you are already focused on your tasks and you are distracted by the equipment and accessories around you. Automation may help you to save this time and effortlessly become a power user with an organized desk.

If you are someone who:

  • Streams on YouTube and Twitch,
  • Plays online games,
  • Edits audio/video,
  • Records podcasts and social media videos,
  • Listens to streaming audio,
  • Joins a lot of video calls using Zoom, Skype, Teams and Webex,
  • Communicates quickly in-game using Discord and TeamSpeak,
  • Enjoys anything audio related

then you need quick access to audio from multiple devices and keep uncluttered desk space. AudioSwitch headphone stand can help with all of these challenges and much more.

Working with audio. Source: unsplash.com

Automatic control of your video calls

Keeping remote workers in mind, AudioSwitch is created to improve the ergonomics of your home office. Controlling meetings in a modern working environment requires smart technology.

Make your home office better. Source: unsplash.com

Imagine receiving the call for a meeting, plugging the headphones (if they are not already plugged), trying to pick up the call and later hanging up the call. This can be easily automated, like old good cordless phones, by just grabbing your headset from the AudioSwitch headphone stand. This will trigger automatic call pick-up. Similarly, just put the headset back on the stand to end the call.

Audioswitch is created for online calls. Source: unsplash.com

Here’s how:

  1. Connect the AudioSwitch headphone stand to USB-C (or USB-A) port on your primary device or connect it to Bluetooth
  2. Install our software to unlock all features, including picking up and ending calls. Or if your workplace forbids installing any software, AudioSwitch will work in pure hardware mode (only switching audio sources).
  3. Plug your wired headphones into the AudioSwitch, or pair it with the wireless headset.
  4. Enjoy a clutter-free desk and automatic audio source selection.

When all of your devices are connected, simply test it by picking up and putting the headset on the AudioSwitch headphone stand. Set up once, and the AudioSwitch remembers the devices you have connected to automatically, so there is no need to reconfigure it in the future.

The AudioSwitch headphone stand works with Bluetooth wireless, USB- and 3.5 mini jack wired connections. The compatibility can be further increased by using adapters.

Audioswitch is perfect for keeping your desk tidy. Source: unsplash.com

Portability for your business trips and LAN parties

The AudioSwitch was designed to be portable and features a sleek design to keep your workspace tidy. It will easily fit your backpack, along with other computer peripherals, such as a mouse, and its size is about the same or smaller. AudioSwitch doesn’t require a power outlet or a charger – it is powered by included connection cable.

Audioswitch is perfect for people who need portability. Source: unsplash.com

AudioSwitch headphone stand is made with durable and lightweight materials to survive your trips. Its small factor is discreet to make you look professional and save your space. Your meeting will have an aesthetic and minimalist background, as you wouldn’t have unplugged headphones around. Instead of decluttering your desk, switching headsets, changing settings and managing the calls, stay focused and organised with the AudioSwitch headphone stand.

Audioswitch makes your work smarter. Source: unsplash.com